I first heard about Mercedes Benz fashion week in 2016. It was when I was still new at photographing events, and I was excited and wanted to go. Mercedes Benz Fashion Week is THE fashion event of the year to attend. So when I went to apply for a pass, I discovered I was about a week too late for the free registration and missed out. I tried sending them an email, but that also proved to be futile.

This year when it came around, I was excited to step up to the plate. Only for 2017, things changed. It was no longer free and you had to submit some examples of your portfolio to qualify. Mercedes Benz only accepts the best photographers, so I went through my portfolio and picked a few of my best. I submitted my application, and now I had to wait.

A few weeks later, I received the good news. I knew this is the beginning of something good and I was excited. More posts to come.